R.E.S. and Circular Economy Applied in an Academic Community as an Example for Smart Sustainable Development

project code: 2020/554215

EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021, Programme area “Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security” in Romania

Supported by Norway through the Norway Grants

Autoritatea contractantă: Universitatea de Științele Vieții ”Regele Mihai I” din Timișoara

Link: https://www.usab-tm.ro/


Total budget: EUR 1,122,514, of which EUR 954,000, representing 85% of the total eligible expenditure, is provided as a grant.

The amount of 168,514 Euro represents 15% of the total eligible expenses foreseen in the budget of USAMVB Timișoara

Project period: December 2020 - August 2023

Context & Aims

The objective of the project is to develop, a combined heat and power cogeneration plant. A biogas plant with fuel from organic feedstock (base load) to be coupled with roof-top solar panels will be installed in the university campus. During project implementation a 80-100 kWe capacity biogas plant plus a 150 kWp photovoltaic system. BUASVM Timișoara develops this demonstration project for the local community, farmers as well as a perfect case for education and for a hands-on experience in developing projects in renewable energy and circular bioeconomy. With the implementation of the project the carbon footprint of the campus can be decreased by harnessing the local renewable resources available. By converting these resources into electricity and thermal energy and use produced renewable power and heat for self-consumption at the campus. The total electricity production capacity of the system is estimated at about 825 MWh / year, which can cover about 40% of the total electricity consumption of about 1848 MWh / year of the BUASVM campus.

The green energy produced will displace fossil-fuelled power from the grid and mitigate methane emissions. Total equivalent CO2 emissions savings are 2400 tons per year

Since the project can be replicated in similar scenarios, for example to develop a model of self-sustainable farms, the project will be a pilot green business model for cleaner environment in Romania

Project Milestones
The sequence of events that build up the whole project are synthetized into the following milestones consisting on significant progress point that appears along the project timeline. By achieving the following milestones our project is considered complete.
1. Selection and procurement of technical consultant to support project promoter in planning, monitoring, verification and reporting activities;
2. Selection and procurement of pre-engineering services for: feasibility study, project technical design;
3. Delivery of feasibility study and technical project to Innovation Norway and requesting of advance payment to fully implement the project;
4. Starting dissemination activities and designing of web based tools for dissemination;
5. Obtaining all the approvals, permits, certificates necessary for the construction of the energy system;
6. Selection and procurement of the main contractors for managing technical solutions for energy system, work site coordination, civil works;
7. Procurement of biogas plant and photovoltaic plant;
8. Integration of energy system in university campus and teaching farm.

Simulation of the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the canteen

Diagram of the process of anaerobic digestion of biomass with biogas production

Biogas plant for manure management in small farms


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