Activities in the project

  1. Evaluation of the yields from sweet sorghum in western Romania region. The aim of this work package is the evaluation of biomass and sugars production yields from sweet sorghum by adapted sorghum varieties, culture techniques and preservation technologies.
  2. Procedural optimization of the separation and conditioning of raw materials for biorefinery. Within this working package the procedural steps, starting from pressing out the ensiled biomass, continuing with juice processing, pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of the bagasse, are applied. The aim is to optimize the processes solid/liquid-separation, sweet juice processing and pretreatment of the bagasse for highest possible yields.
  3. Production of biofuels and other biochemicals. The preprocessed raw materials is further processed to obtain: ethanol and lactic acid from sweet juice, cellulosic ethanol from hydrolyzed bagasse, biogas from whole biomass, bagasse and other residues, oil from algae using sorghum sweet juice as carbon source. The research will be carried out in laboratory scale equipments, and the biogas production will be scaled up to pilot scale, using the pilot biogas plant belonging to the contracting institution.
  4. Optimization of the entire process. The quantity of ethanol and biogas obtained from test runs using the same amount of sweet sorghum and bagasse will be compared, and the efficiency of tested technologies will be assessed. Results according to material and energy flows as well as process parameters of the procedural optimization of the biofuels products will be supplied for analysis.
  5. Dissemination. Results obtained in this project will be published in peer‐reviewed scientific journals and presented in conferences.